Lizzo is Taking the Throne/by Megan Hendricks

If you haven’t heard of Lizzo, the breakout pop star of 2019, then you might want to add her to your playlist. She just released her sophomore album “Cuz I Love You,” and it has been on repeat in my car.  After I listen to her music, I always feel inspired to conquer my dreams. A song called “soulmate” on her album is an anthem for all women who enjoy being independent.

Her music brings positivity and when you listen to her music, you will become a fan. She can sing, dance, play the flute, and she speaks her mind. She’s a woman with many talents, and in every song on her album she’s making music that makes you get up and dance. The 31-year-old singer and rapper from Houston is climbing the Billboard charts and inspiring people all over the world to be true to themselves.

I’m not the only one who has Lizzo’s album on repeat. MC student Ashley Smith believes Lizzo is a superstar and that she could possibly be the next Beyonce. Smith said her music helps her get through the daily struggles of college. “Her song, ‘Truth Hurts’ is my jam. She has helped me everyday with issues, and she doesn’t even know me. I love music that can touch my soul. When your music can inspire people from all over the world, then that means you’re the next Beyoncé.”

Society has mapped out standards on how women should look, talk, and feel. We live in a body shaming society that expects women to be a certain size to be beautiful. Women in the music industry receive criticism everyday too, but Lizzo is not letting that defeat her.

She inspires men and women who are insecure about their bodies to practice self-love. Sometimes we change ourselves to feel some resemblance of beauty, but Lizzo shines a light for those who can’t see their true selves.

Her self-confidence didn’t come overnight, she often talks about what it took to get to her self-love we see today. I was recently reading an article on her in Elle, and she opened up about her struggles to become confident. She said, “I had an insecurity about what a star looks like or what a front-person looks like.”  That experience is part of the reason why she’s the goddess of inspiration.

The behavior Lizzo exhibits is iconic and bold. She’s an artist who can openly confront her past struggles to help someone who’s afraid to express who they are.

The legendary artist Prince was a big fan of Lizzo and he even included her on his 2014 album Plectrumelectrum. If a legend such as Prince adored Lizzo, then there is no reason for us to not like her. Despite the constant criticism surrounding her being a plus size artist, her song “Truth Hurts” tops billboard hot 100. She is living proof that no matter what size or skin color you are, you can conquer anything.

Shawn Thomas, an MC student, says that Lizzo is being played a lot at his home. “My mom listens to her all day long. I like her music, but I think she caters mostly to women in her songs. That’s fine with me because women need encouragement. Women need to feel beautiful, and that’s definitely the message Lizzo sends.”

You will not regret becoming a fan of Lizzo’s, and if you haven’t heard one of her songs, get ready to experience a life-changing moment.

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