Take a Seat/by Elijah Cardenas

In the flurry of new changes taking place at MC, a few new additional places for students to sit on campus may seem like a small thing. But for the residents of several of MC’s on-campus dorms, the installation of new furniture has provided a warm welcome back for the fall semester of 2019.

Lobby furniture in the MC dorms has been a much-appreciated commodity for years now. Its presence brings life to the lobbies of MC by giving students a place to hang out, do homework, or even play MC-themed Monopoly.

However, the furniture in the dorm lobbies up until this year has been slowly but surely falling apart. With worn out springs and collapsing seat cushions, the old furniture has seen better days. Hederman sophomore Jonathan Trimm described the old furniture as “musty, uncomfortable, and unpleasant.”

New furniture, unfortunately, costs money, money that would have to come from somewhere. This cost has been the hesitance on behalf of the university to replace the degrading couches in the lobbies.

Deliverance came to the dorm lobbies from the MC Fondren campus, which was closed this summer. The Fondren campus previously housed graduate students pursuing their Master’s in Counseling, as well as other related studies. The decision to close the Fondren location was enacted at the tail end of the spring semester, with spring of 2019 being the last semester open to students.

With the closing of the Fondren campus, the administration saw the opportunity to use what might be an unfortunate turn of events to better student life at the main campus. The furniture at the Fondren location, which proved to be in much better shape than the furniture at MC’s main residence halls, was designated to supplement the existing lobby space.

About two-to-three weeks prior to student move in, the furniture from the Fondren campus was transferred to the main MC campus. New Men’s, Hederman, and Latimer-Webb were among the list of chosen homes for the new furniture.

Reusing the furniture from the Fondren location has proved to be an incredibly effective cost-saving decision. By moving the assets from Fondren, MC has saved its students the cost of replacing the old furniture, a price that would surely have been reflecting in future tuition costs.

The installation of new furniture has caused quite a buzz on campus. Hederman resident Brevin Quichocho said he enjoys “the stability of the new furniture” over the previous couches. Compared to the broken springs of the old furniture, the new couches in Hederman lobby are a breath of fresh air.

Students have also been able to observe MC’s passionate resolve to always strive for excellence through the new improvements. As New Men’s resident Justin Fridley said, “the new furniture in New Men’s shows the school is always trying to improve. It’s very nice to see these new improvements happening.”

Whether for hanging out with friends or cramming for an upcoming exam, the new furniture in MC’s residence halls has once again made the lobby a place of relaxation and enjoyment.

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