Why Did the Chicken…? (The Case of Popeyes v. Chick-fil-A)/by Josh Little

In the month of August, Popeyes has been trending on every platform in the world about this new chicken sandwich. There’s not just one choice, but two. You can choose between mild or spicy. 

This created a lot of tension with Chick-Fil-A and garnered much attention on whose was better. At the end of August, the Popeyes sandwich was reportedly sold out. What made the Popeye’s chicken sandwich so popular? Was it the way they advertised it on television? Was it crispier and more available on Sundays because Chick-Fil-A was closed? Or were people simply buying into the hype of a new item on the Popeyes menu?

Many had found out about the sandwich via word of mouth. Popeyes had hype behind their product, and people were eager to get a quality chicken sandwich on Sunday, but going head-to-head with the chicken capital of the world was no simple task.

Senior Megan Hendricks, who was in favor of the Popeyes sandwich, said, “If you need a whole meal, then you need the Popeyes chicken sandwich.” The sandwich comes with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and mayo. It also comes with more toppings and a crispier piece of chicken most began gravitating towards Popeyes.

Though the price was 30 cents greater than its counterpart, people bought into the massive amounts of attention that it received. People were willing to take a chance on greatness. Extreme reactions and praises add to the hype of the now gone sandwich. Students all over the Jackson-metro area had words of praise for the sandwich. High school senior Alyssia Little said,  “It was goooooooooooood.”

The fanbase was not just the everyday civilian. Even A-list celebrities took a bite of the action. Professional Wide Receiver and chicken enthusiast, Stefon Diggs, tweeted, “I’m just here to let you guys know, the Popeyes chicken sandwich is bussing out the wrapper.”

When high profile people like your product, you already know it’s a wrap.

Unfortunately, Popeyes’ success was short lived. Within 2 weeks of announcing their internet breaking sandwich, they tweeted, “Y’all. We love that you love the sandwich. Unfortunately, we’re sold out (for now).” Regardless of how loyal you are to Chick-Fil-A, Popeyes’ success must be noted.

Popeyes also tweeted, “We hear y’all. We’re working to get the sandwich back as soon as possible. If you want to be first to know when it happens, download our app and turn on those push notifications. Thanks for sticking with us!

Popeyes fanbase is on the way up. While one may have to patiently wait for the sandwich to return, Popeyes still has many delicious options to choose from.

To this day, the sandwich generates buzz, even while out of production. All of those who missed out on the frenzy, download the app, patiently wait, and enjoy some Popeyes biscuits with a cold beverage. Until, the return of the popular sandwich breaks the internet yet again.

Will Popeyes be able to stay on top a little longer, or will Chick-fil-A always be number one in the people’s hearts? 


Published by

The Collegian

The Collegian is the official student newspaper of Mississippi College. Run by students for students, The Collegian strives to bring quality journalism and storytelling to its readers while also providing an outlet for students to express themselves. We hope our readers leave with a better sense of their community and the people in it.

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