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Continental Tire Plant Offers Internships/by Megan Hendricks

Two miles west of Clinton, the Continental Tire plant will offer paid internships appealing to Mississippi College students.  Students will receive training in different areas such as communication or recruiting. Mississippi College Law School graduate Marnise Webb was recently selected to join Continental’s global human relations graduate program with training in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Students who qualify for the internship will

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MC’s New Soap Dispensers: Good Clean Fun/ by Meredith Stratmann

This August, students were greeted with a whole host of changes upon arriving at Mississippi College. Among chatter of a new Chick-fil-A, questions surrounding Ratliff, and shifts in faculty, one subtle change is making quite a difference.  Over the summer, new soap dispensers featuring the MC logo replaced the previous ones. Not only are these new dispensers more aesthetic, but

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Aaron Feazelle: Profile of a President / By: Kyle Hamrick, Editor in Chief

A native of the Coast, Aaron Feazelle had to have Gulf shrimp in his hot bowl – several at that. The M.C. Student Government Association President and member of the football team proceeded to craft his dinner at Hot Bowl Mongolian Grill with fried rice, new potatoes, green beans, steak, and chicken – a heavy meal half of which he

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