Unsung Heroes of Preview Day/by Austin LaBrot

A four-member team of Physical Plant staff made Preview Day possible Saturday, Sept. 14. 

From check-in at B.C. Rogers to the Academic Marketplace, Alfred Daniels and the General Service Department has a checklist to complete to make Preview Day a well-oiled event for prospective students. 

The first Preview Day for the 2019-2020 school year brought together students and potential Choctaws for tailgating, mock classes, and football. Many prospective students came from around the U.S. 

Over 200 prospective students and their families arrived at Anderson Hall Saturday, Sept. 14., for Preview Day. “It’s a campus-wide effort to put on Preview Day,” said Cameron Treadwell, Transfer Admissions counselor. “Physical Plant is doing everything for us.” 

The General Service Department set up hundreds of chairs in Anderson Hall, laid down massive tarps over the Alumni Gym floor, and moved dozens of tables across campus for various events.

“The tarps keep the floor from getting scratched,” Daniels said. Daniels has worked at the Physical Plant for more than 20 years. “I do it all,” he joked. But Daniels is not kidding.

Preview Day is an exception to his day-to-day operations at Mississippi College.

Daniels and his crew move supplies from building to building, move furniture, pick up trash littering campus, and fix beds, dressers, and desks for students. “There’s always a call about a broken bed,” Daniels said.

Not every day goes as smoothly as planned. There are times when plans get switched last-minute, or another job arises needing immediate attention. Daniels and his crew always have a back-up plan in case of rain when setting up for outdoor events.

Daniels and his team were present at Preview Day helping with minor maintenance issues throughout the day. Maybe a table was broken and needed replacing…Daniels is the one to call. He can fix it.

After Preview Day, Daniels and his team led the charge of putting away tables, chairs, and other equipment. Anderson Hall was emptied, the Quad was once again quiet, and the shiny gym floor in Alumni sparkled.

The Physical Plant staff have made Mississippi’s oldest university the best in the state. When lights do not turn on, they are there to help. When your bed in your dorm pops a spring, they can fix it. When you need an extra table for your tailgate, they have one ready.

The next MC Preview Day is set for Nov. 16. The Physical Plant crew, admissions team, and faculty can take some time to reflect on how to make the upcoming Preview Day better than the last.

Daniels and his crew are also looking forward to the next major Mississippi College event: Homecoming 2019. 

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