The Band PACIFIC Rocks MC/by Naomi Taylor

On Oct. 18, 2019, up-and-coming alternative rock group The Band Pacific performed a concert on Mississippi College’s campus to raise money for Batson Children’s Hospital of Mississippi Dance Marathon. The Freshman Leadership Initiative Program (FLIP) decorated the Caf patio with shimmering lights in all the trees and bushes, creating a very MC and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Pacific brought their own light show which was programmed to change with the beat of the music, along with a bright LED “PACIFIC” sign that flashed on and off. The band played a variety of their original songs, adding a few well-known covers in their set list to get the crowd hyped up. They played covers such as “Year 3000” by the Jonas Brothers and “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne. These crowd pleasers had the entire audience dancing and singing along.

They then went “unplugged” and went into the audience. They taught the crowd a part to sing and encouraged them to join in and help them out! This created community between the audience and the band, adding to the personal aspect of such a small-scale concert. Pacific has a very nostalgic alternative rock vibe to their music. One song that stuck out to me was their original song called “Yours,” a melodic, lyrically-driven soft rock love song. 

I had the chance to speak with them after the show, and besides being unbelievably talented, they are very kind people who really seem to care about their audience. After every show they take pictures, sign posters, and have meaningful conversations with their fans. Each band member makes an effort to remember names even after one show! They mentioned how even though they are not from here, it “felt like home” because of the fans. 

Being a musician myself, it was cool recognizing their passion and soul through their music. As an athlete leaves everything they have on the field, The Band Pacific leaves everything they have on the stage. The message of acceptance and freedom that Pacific sends through their music, performances, and interactions leaves MC students feeling like they don’t have to pretend to be people they aren’t. Overall, The Band Pacific put on an amazing performance for Mississippi College’s campus!

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The Collegian

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