Jehovah’s Fitness Wins 2nd Intramural Championship / by: Kyle Hamrick, Editor in Chief

The intramural team Jehovah’s Fitness secured their 2nd intramural title after a chilly and competitive contest against team Eric Prather on Thursday night, November 7.

It was a cold and misty night for flag football, but the stands of Robinson-Hale were filled with fans. The dreadful breeze bit at every cheek as it undulated with the mist in the air like a swarm of spirits. The spectators, clad in blankets and scarves and coats, huddled in groups like emperor penguins in a Netflix documentary to keep warm. We were soon assisted by Whataburger honey butter chicken biscuits lobbed to us by a pair of referees, a brilliant promotion to get folks out. After this the game was on.

As the two teams took the field, half the stands roared for sophomore Brady McDaniel of Jehovah’s Fitness. He strode somberly onto the field, the praise lapping at his feet like ocean waves. He was, without a doubt, the crowd favorite, a distinction he would hold for the rest of the night.

The best way to describe the game that followed is a great tug-of-war. Both teams put up solid defense and offense strategies, thus making it a bout of push and pull that entertained us all. This was not one of those boring steamroll games where one team soundly defeats the other. No, the 40-0 victory was bought with strategy and cunning.

“Each night they’ve continued to show more and more progression with their trick plays,” said Luke Williams, a junior who has watched Fitness all semester. Indeed, peppering the forward charge of Fitness was a wide-variety of misdirections that paved the way for many players to score by large runs; for instance, sophomore Carter Halbert contributed his touchdown with a 50 yard dash seemingly out of thin air.

After more push and pull and cunning, Fitness earned their victory. In a brief interview conducted on the damp field, sophomore Jacob Ginn said, “Big-time players make big-time plays. Will Edwards gave us momentum with the first touchdown, Brady McDaniel stepped in for Josh Fulton and helped our defense. It was an all around great game!”

Will Edwards, who got the touchdowns rolling and founded Jehovah’s Fitness over a year ago as a freshman, said, “I feel blessed and honored to be able to play the beautiful sport of flag football with my bros! Jehovah’s Fitness is not just on the field, it’s off the field – it’s a part of all our lives.”

photo creds: Isaac Davis

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