Slow the Roll to Christmas/by Elliot Reeder

Black Friday to around Dec. 28–that is Christmas season. Christmas season does not begin the day after Halloween. Christmas season does not begin in early November, but rather the day after Thanksgiving.

November should be a time of celebrating fall, the end of the harvest, and the leaves turning orange and yellow. Not a time to bust out your Christmas sweaters, begin blasting Christmas songs at all times, or start showing off the great presents that you got everyone because your parents happily blessed you with a credit card.

Fall is a beautiful time of year when it’s not too hot or too cold. The trees become these wonderful sanctuaries of color and happiness. November is a time to celebrate Thanksgiving and all of this beauty, not fast forward all the way to a holiday that is at the end of the next month.

As a society we have become way too self-oriented. Maybe that is why we love to skip straight to Christmas. We want to begin celebrating the holiday where we receive bushels of gifts as soon as possible, and we want to minimize the holiday centered around giving thanks and giving back. We minimize Thanksgiving to just a single day or just a few hours. That is such a poor place that we have allowed ourselves as a society to fall into.

November is smack dab in the middle of fall. Christmas is a winter holiday. But, winter does not even start until Dec. 21. Christmas is a holiday built on the idea of a winter wonderland full of snow and cold temperatures. Beginning to celebrate right in the middle of a whole other season is just lackluster decision making at best.

Black Friday is the biggest in-store shopping day of the year. Just about every store puts a ton of their products on sale. This is the day that many people begin and do most of their Christmas shopping because it is the official kickoff of the Christmas season. We should allow Black Friday to be what it was created to be.

Another indication that the Christmas season does not start in November is the “25 days of Christmas” event. It’s called the 25 days of Christmas, not the two months of Christmas. Not the month and a half of Christmas. Not the entire November and December of Christmas. It’s the 25 days of Christmas.

The reason people get so burnt out on Christmas when we hit like Dec. 17 is because so many people have been unnaturally celebrating Christmas since Nov. 1. Maybe if we all started celebrating Christmas on Black Friday, we would be right in the middle of our celebration and Christmas hype right when the 25th got here.

Look, I’m not bashing Christmas. I absolutely love the holiday and everything it brings, but Thanksgiving deserves its due. Imagine being so unthankful for Thanksgiving that you immediately begin celebrating Christmas right when the calendar changes to November. You’re not me.

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