Campus Checkup 2.0/by Austin LaBrot

A collective hush fell upon the Mississippi College campus on Dec. 18 when finals finished, students traveled home, and many walked across the stage at graduation. However, it was go-time for the Physical Plant crew. 

Like summer break, the Physical Plant had a to-do list of quick improvements they wanted the campus to experience in January 2020.

Reported by The Collegian last semester, one checklist item was the replacement of Lowrey’s elevator. Unfortunately, this replacement was unable to take place. 

Tom Williams, Executive Director of Campus Operations, has high hopes Lowrey’s elevator will reach new heights over spring break. “Lowrey’s elevator is one of the oldest on campus.” He said replacement parts are no longer manufactured since the original elevator business no longer exists. 

To not interfere with daily operations of the university, it is best the elevator gets replaced during an extended break. Thus, spring break is the next viable option. 

Williams continued, “We keep the original elevator box, there’s nothing wrong with that.” It’s the mechanics that will be replaced over spring break by outside contractor Schindler Elevator, according to Williams. Once the parts arrive, the elevator will be up and running as usual. 

Other elevators to be replaced in the future include Aven and Jennings Hall. Williams and the Physical Plant team would like to see a new elevator per school year. 

Collegian reporter Morgan Miller’s article cited a lack of adequate lighting on the Quad at night, and the concerns raised in her article are getting addressed. Citing her piece specifically, Williams cheerfully gave an update to the lighting on the Quad. 

Last week, Williams and the Physical Plant team contracted a lighting expert to highlight (pun intended) problem areas on the Quad. 

“We don’t want to mess with the ambiance of the Quad,” Williams said. “But there are so many beautiful trees on the Quad blocking existing light. The trees create a curtain.” 

The Physical Plant team’s predicament: illuminating the Quad without cutting down trees, adding a plethora of light poles, or over-brightening the Quad. 

“We can’t have everything,” Williams said. “We don’t want to take away the feel of the Quad, but we want safety.” 

The Physical Plant crew, along with the lighting expert working on the Quad, installed LED lights in all parking lots across MC last summer. Feedback has been positive and LED lights might be the Quad’s future as well.

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The Collegian

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