“Rise Against Hunger” with the School of Business Service Club/by Kyle Hamrick

820 million, 21% of Africa, and 10% of the world. These three figures, according to statistics reported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, represent the number of people facing hunger in the world today. It’s hard to imagine that somewhere someone, in the 21st century, doesn’t know where they will get their next meal – or if they’ll even have one at all. It’s even harder to imagine that there are 819 million others wondering the same thing. 

Enter Rise Against Hunger, an organization dedicated to wiping out hunger around the world by 2030. According to their website, the organization plans to achieve this ambitious goal, “by providing food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable and creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources.” 

And, by the looks of the numbers on their website, they are well on their way. In 2018, Rise Against Hunger served 794,700 individuals. In late January, Rise Against Hunger has already packaged 909,360 meals in this week alone. The organization has achieved these numbers by engaging corporate partners and individuals alike with massive meal packaging events for volunteers to package meals purchased with donations. 

And now, Mississippi College has joined the effort.

John Will Graham is a senior majoring in accounting who serves as president of the School of Business Service Club. “Our goal,” said Graham, “is to glorify God by uniting the business school around service.” Eager to put that goal into practice, Graham and faculty sponsor Dr. Sara Kimmel searched for a spring event that would bring the School of Business and the campus together in service to a higher calling. They found it in Rise Against Hunger. 

The club’s goal is to raise $3,451.68 to purchase over 10,000 meals, and provide 60 volunteers for a campus-wide event in Anderson Hall on Monday, March 2, from 1-4 p.m. If Rise Against Hunger can plan to end world hunger in a decade, Graham believes raising the money and providing the volunteers is “a real and tangible way to serve other people.” 

“People together can do a lot,” he said. 

Kimmel, whose church hosted a Rise Against Hunger event a few years ago, was amazed by the work her Sunday School accomplished in one class period. “The cause of Rise Against Hunger is noble,” she said, “This idea of eradicating worldwide hunger by 2030 is a real deal. There’s been so much progress already. It’s inspiring!”

820 million, 21% of Africa, and 10% of the world. That’s the number of people affected by hunger. Now consider 10,000, $3,451.68, and 60. That’s the amount of meals needed, the amount of money needed, and the amount of volunteers needed to achieve the goal set by Graham and the members of the School of Business Service Club. Growing up, my mother told me that many hands make light work. Mississippi College, the School of Business Service Club needs many hands to achieve their goal and help this noble cause.

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