Where Are You Studying Now?/by Marquisha Mathis

Everyone was so excited last summer when we got the best news; Chick-fil-A would soon hit the campus of Mississippi College. Now we are just patiently waiting for fall of 2020.

But, before we can even get to God’s chicken, we have to talk about The Commons. We all were so eager to get home for Christmas break. We were over classes by the middle of the semester, and we couldn’t drive away fast enough.

Flash forward to a new year. Jan. 13, 2020, we come back to campus, and one of our study areas had been destroyed. I don’t think I even noticed it until a couple of days later. I was walking to 1826 to have lunch with my friends, and The Commons was being torn down.

I must have misheard or just forgot that Chick-fil-A was coming this summer. However, my first thoughts were, “Why are they starting so early when it’s not coming until the fall?” Then I wondered, “Where are MC students studying now?” 

Although many people study in Jennings Courtyard, MCC, Hederman, the Quad, and the Piazza, The Leland Speed Library and The Commons were the number one places where students would study from dawn to dusk. But The Commons was the place that had everything, including Starbucks. This Starbucks has now been moved to 1826.

I know for me, I only studied in The Commons if I was with friends. I regularly studied and did homework in my room, sometimes going off campus to Starbucks. The Commons wasn’t a place where I could really study, especially in the study rooms because they were below Alumni, and the people playing basketball upstairs were really distracting. 

However, studying in a dorm room doesn’t work for everyone. People need to be able to study in the library and The Commons. The Commons was the place that stayed open late on the weekends because the library started closing early on Fridays at 4:30 p.m.

Jordon Gray, a senior commuter at MC said, “Now that The Commons is closed, I study at home.” J’Mya Wells said that she studies in the New Women’s Lobby.

The Commons was the area for many MC students, including transfers who needed somewhere to study or just hang out until classes were over.

Transfer student Megan Hendrick, said, “I’m studying at home now because The Commons gave me that comfort feeling.”

Don’t get me wrong, MC. We’re so happy about Chick-fil-A coming, we can hardly even contain it; however, we miss The Commons. Sure, we have 1826 where we can eat and then sit down and hang out with friends, but after a while we feel the need to leave for the sake of other people coming in and needing somewhere to sit.

We didn’t have to worry about that with The Commons. Everyone had a place where they could sit, study, and even watch television. Will it come back? Or, will it be reconstructed for food to bring the feeling of home back?

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The Collegian

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