Why Pam Beasley Is Overrated/by Elliot Reeder

Pam Beasley is viewed by many as a lovely mother and the main female protagonist in the show The Office, but here is the thing: She’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread. She’s not this unbelievably incredible female role model. She is very overrated. Here is why.

Pam led Jim Halpert on for years while in a committed relationship. Look, we call agree that Roy is a terrible person, but Pam was still in a committed relationship with him while leading Jim on (which is not only unfaithful, but was emotionally destructive to Jim). 

Some arguments are that she did not even notice that she was leading Jim on, but if someone is so naive that they could not tell they were leading Jim on in those situations, then that person does not have the mental or emotional capabilities to be a functioning adult. 

Then, after Pam led Jim on for years, he finally moved on and began dating Karen. Pam started getting antsy and began playing the victim. Jim was not leading Pam on at this point; she was just wallowing in her all of a sudden unrequited love for Jim. She did not let Jim in, and then the moment Jim went somewhere else for love, this did not fit within Pam’s parameters, and so it was not ok. 

Then, she completely overreacts to Michael Scott dating her mom. Would I be infatuated with Michael dating my mom? No, but at the end of the day, Michael and Pam’s mom are both adults and are capable of making their own life choices. Plus, Michael had shown a long history of caring deeply about the people in his life. 

Outside of Toby, most of the problems that Michael causes is because he loves people too much. (I can admit though that Pam was fully in the right in slapping Michael after the whole birthday breakup fiasco), but Pam was completely childish in how she reacted to hearing the news that her mom was dating Michael. Pam is not the mother of her own middle-aged mom. She does not get to make life choices for her mom or enforce her own will on Michael.

The next point is in season 9 when Pam brings lice to the office and then just allows everyone to shame and blame Meredith for being the one who brought lice into the office. This is one of the most selfish acts on the show. It was not just that Meredith took the fall, but that she began to be bullied by her coworkers for it, while Pam just sat around and conivingly let it happen.

Also, frankly, Pam is a quitter. She quits all the time. She quit art school. Then she quit Dunder Mifflin to go short-sidedly join the Michael Scott Paper Company. Then she was ready to quit the Michael Scott Paper Company and jump right back to Dunder Mifflin the moment that the MSPC hit rough waters. She is pretty much incapable of sticking with anything professionally. 

Also, while with the Michael Scott Paper Company, she was unwilling to do menial tasks because they were below her, and she did not want to be seen as a receptionist again. Here’s the thing…it is a THREE-PERSON COMPANY. The company is not in a place yet where anyone will have any defined roles. Everyone has to do things that they do not want to do in a three-person company. Everyone has to do tasks that they are overqualified for because those tasks have to get done in order for the company to survive. But here is the great Pam Beasley unwilling to do tasks that have to be done in order for the company to succeed just because she is too selfish to do them. Everyone has to sacrifice in order to make a three person company succeed, and Pam was completely unwilling to do it.

She also had to make up a fake job title and defraud the company by calling herself the “office administrator” just because she failed at being a saleswomen.

Also, there’s the whole emotional and relationship disaster between Pam and Jim. Let me preface this by saying that Jim was also equally at fault in this conundrum. Pam and Jim seemed completely incapable of having any sort of adult-like communication. They were basically two kids in adult bodies that got married and procreated. Then one moved part-time to Philadelphia and the other took on way too many duties around the house and began to resent the other for leaving the family. The relationship continued to delve into chaos, and neither Jim nor Pam were capable of being adults and communicating. Also, Pam does not know how to record a video on her phone.

I’m sorry if this article offended you or your favorite character from The Office. She is just not the best role model when it comes to this particular show. With The Office leaving Netflix at the end of 2020, maybe you should look back and see for yourself.

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