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“Rise Against Hunger” with the School of Business Service Club/by Kyle Hamrick

820 million, 21% of Africa, and 10% of the world. These three figures, according to statistics reported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, represent the number of people facing hunger in the world today. It’s hard to imagine that somewhere someone, in the 21st century, doesn’t know where they will get their next meal – or

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Tempest Rehearsals in Full Swing/by Kyle Hamrick

“Where’s our fourth goddess?” called Dr. Phyllis Seawright as she assembled a scene from words on a page to the living stage. The actors on stage assemble on an invisible ship, and await the order to conjure up a storm, wreck the ship, and begin the show.  Seawright’s production of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest is in the tempestuous swing of

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1917: Our Generation’s Private Ryan/by Kyle Hamrick

“On or about December 1910,” wrote the famed author Virginia Woolf, “the human character changed.” This line has been used to introduce World War I since time immemorial, and it couldn’t be more true. World War I blended old school military tactics with new and deadly technology. Around 10 million soldiers died, while many high commanders, sequestered well behind the

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