What Do You Meme?/by Meredith Stratmann

On Feb. 12, 2020, the internet was taken by storm. It was on this day that the iconic meme account “mc.needs.arbys” was started on Instagram, and it’s been winning the hearts of MC students ever since. This account has grown to over 650 followers in less than two weeks, only posts 100% original content, and is the most followed MC meme account. The Mississippi Collegian sat down for an exclusive interview with the anonymous creator of “mc.needs.arbys” to learn more. 

The idea came to the creator when, after a busy day of schoolwork, he posted a meme related to the recent housing changes on his “close friend’s” Instagram story. As he puts it, “I got DMs from people on there. One person DM’d me and said ‘you should think about making an MC meme account; I would follow it.’” And he did just that. After posting six memes the first day, the creator posts “either two or three memes a day. Two some days, three some days.”

While the name “mc.needs.arbys” may seem unconventional, the designer created it to be a parody of sorts. He explains, “Ever since my freshman year, there’s always been the conversation of starting a student union like other big universities. They have Chick-fil-A, they have all these restaurants on campus. It’s a parody relating to the fact that all of the sudden we’re getting two really big restaurants on campus. I was trying to be cheeky funny in that because Arby’s is bad.” 

Like any good artist, the creator of “mc.needs.arbys” seeks to address topics “that either make me mad, or stuff that I know would be relatable to other people. I think that’s one of the reasons people share it and like it–it’s relatable.”  While this type of content makes up a majority of posts from “mc.needs.arbys,” there was also a bit of drama. On Feb. 16, “mc.needs.arbys” posted a meme attacking another MC-based meme page “dr_thompson_memes” for posting the same meme in different formats repeatedly. The creator explains, “We actually had beef on Instagram. We threw some shots back and forth, and then he stopped posting, and I kind of declared myself the winner.” 

In the end though, it’s all friendly. The anonymous founder comments, “I know ‘dr_thompson_memes.’ We are now acquaintances, and he’s a solid guy. He makes good stuff. I just saw a niche that he wasn’t hitting that I wanted to hit. I think I hit the target on that one, but I still have nothing but good things to say about ‘dr_thompson_memes.’” When asked to comment, the author of “dr_thompson_memes” reciprocated the love. He said, “You know, mad respect honestly. More memes are never a bad thing. I’d always like to see a little more content based on our commander-in-chief Blake Thompson, of course, but I guess he’s got his thing, and I’ve got mine. Hats off to ‘mc.needs.arbys.’ Well done, sir.”

Unfortunately, the future of “mc_needs_arbys” is still up in the air. The creator remarks, “I’m graduating in May, and so I don’t know what will happen. I may hand it off to someone else. I don’t know.” Until then, the students at MC will continue to enjoy relatable content from this unexpected source. The creator thanks his followers, stating, “The support is greatly appreciated. This got way bigger than I ever thought it would. I super duper appreciate my followers. They make this fun.”

To see his original content, follow @mc_needs_arbys on Instagram.

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