Where Should I Study? / By: Austin LaBrot, News Editor

As classes begin going online, it is easier to get distracted by everyday things. However, I am here to offer some solutions. Here are my top three places to get some work done during the quarantine.

CAR. Nothing says seclusion like the driver’s seat of my Chevy Cruze. The other day, I completed some Moodle assignments and took a Zoom practice call from a professor. I can change the heat/cooling to match what I like, I can hook my phone to the radio and play some relaxing music on Spotify while I read for my history class, and I can move my seat all the way back to allow ample room for my laptop.

There are some downsides though to working in your car. One, there are no outlets. Taking an hour-long Zoom call can quickly drain your laptop’s battery. My solution is getting a long extension cord and running it from the house to your car. Two, you might want to conserve gas and your car’s battery. Can’t have heat or air conditioning without fully turning the car on.

BEDROOM. If your house is shaped like mine, bedrooms are upstairs and the living room, kitchen, and offices are downstairs. Think of your bedroom like it’s New Men’s or New Women’s. Buy a cheap desk from Walmart and set up a little study space in the corner of your bedroom to work from. This will allow you to wake up 10 minutes before the Zoom class, take three steps from your bed to your desk, and voila!, you are ready to go.

The major downside is that everyone else is still around the house. Your puppy might scratch at the door or your mom might holler at you during class, “What do you want for lunch?”

PATIO. The weather seems to be giving us more warm weather these days. So, why not get some fresh air while doing some homework? Enjoy the sunshine and maybe a cool breeze now and then. Some downsides include the weather and background noises. If it rains one day or gets too cold, working from a patio/porch might not be the best place to accomplish some tasks. Also, birds might be singing in the background while you’re attempting to listen to your American literature professor.

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The Collegian

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