Let’s Create Some Fun, Shall We?/by Marquisha Mathis

Well, let’s take a look. We have been in the house for a couple of weeks now. We have hit the month of April, and there is still a month before school gets out. Let’s hang in there.

I know that we are tired of talking about the coronavirus, but did you hear the nicknames that the world has given it? The names are Rona and Ro Ro.

When I first saw it, I was wondering, “what kind of names are those for a virus?” I didn’t think there was anything wrong with finding a name for it because we’re all just trying to find laughter and happiness in our lives during this time.

Now, this got me thinking. What kind of fun should we be having? What brighter days can we give ourselves? Then it hit me! Time to take on a new hobby, or we can find something that we were thinking about doing, but can’t travel anywhere.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? I know for me it was to really learn how to cook. I know basics such as ramen noodles, hamburgers, hamburger helper, fried chicken, spaghetti and mashed potatoes.

This should be enough, right? Probably not. I’ll be living in an apartment in the fall, and I need to know how to cook more than what’s on this list.

However, I won’t be spending this break doing that. So, what’s next? I know when I was younger, I could do a backbend, and I haven’t been able to do one in years. I may just be out of shape, but to help pass the time, I should try. I may be surprised.

Two weeks ago, I said one day I wanted to visit the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. I wanted to see everything this wonderful place had to offer. One of my professors has put on our Moodle page a number of museums that my class could explore, and the Metropolitan Museum was one.

This made me think! This is my opportunity to finally see and look at the great art, in this great city, from my own home.

What are you interested in doing? A puzzle that you could never finish as a child, binge-watching a show that you have put off for so long, or maybe even some stress relieving exercises, such as yoga.

Time is really going by slowly sitting in the house, so we could create our own fun. Don’t you just love memes? Sometimes they’re the highlight of my day. This time is so crazy right now, but we can still have a life outside of just school and boredom.

I’ve been watching one of my favorite networks, which is Lifetime. I just love all of the mystery that’s involved in it. It got me thinking, that I would like to start reading some true crime novels. This has led me to watching Law & Order.

So, if you know of any good crime shows or mysteries, send them my way.

Believe me! We can still find good out of everything that is happening.

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The Collegian

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