The Writing Center Goes Digital/by Austin LaBrot

The Mississippi College  Writing Center has been fully equipped to help students remotely. As COVID-19 continues to keep students away from MC, the Writing Center can meet students wherever they are. 

Writing Center Assistant Director Lingshan Song, said 17 tutors have been trained to work via Zoom, online chat, and online correspondence. 

Leading the Writing Center’s online learning were students Sydney Nicholson and Casey Kellogg. They “developed a Zoom manual for tutors and students for their Online Chat sessions,” Song said. 

Online Chat sessions are good for students who have stable wifi and would like to interact with a tutor in real-time,” Song said.

On the other hand, Correspondence appointments “ work better for students who might not have stable wifi for real-time online meetings and prefer written feedback on their drafts,” Song said.MC Writing Center tutors are excited and ready to support students in whichever way students desire.” 

MC students have already been taking advantage of the digital Writing Center. Over the past couple of weeks, the Writing Center has had over 30 appointments. 

Tutor and online leader Kellogg said, “We’ve been able to use Zoom and Correspondence appointments to keep connecting with students. I think we’re all learning that although we’d like to meet in person, the WC community isn’t confined to a location. It’s whatever and wherever we need it to be.” 

Tutor Kennedy ZumMallen said, “Overall it hasn’t been as different as I expected from the sessions we do in person. We’ve set up screen sharing and video chat, so the tutor and the writer are able to communicate almost as well as if they were together.” 

Stop by the virtual writing center for help with papers, formatting, and other writing needs. 

The Writing Center’s operating hours are Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT. To make an appointment, students can go to A how-to guide for navigating the Writing Center online can be found at

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