Student Success/by Austin LaBrot

The Mississippi College Office of Student Success is typically housed in Leland Speed Library; today, it is housed on Google Meet. Regan Atkins, the office’s director, has been working tirelessly to make sure students have an outlet for all their learning needs. 

Since COVID-19 was found in Mississippi, moving classes entirely online, many staff members at MC have also begun an online presence. 

Atkin’s job during the spring semester typically involves hiring for Blue and Gold 101/201, advising students for the upcoming fall, and many, many meetings. She continues to do all these things, just under her own roof. 

“My job is to meet with students and help them,” Atkins said. “The ‘how’ has changed,” but not her office’s mission. Her schedule is packed full of time with students. 

Atkins offers some advice as MC students work remotely. First, make a clear schedule for yourself. If you would typically be in American Literature from 9:25 to 10:40 a.m., then work on American Literature during that time. Second, have a set, consistent sleep schedule. Third, finish schoolwork early in the day and enjoy the outdoors and family time in the afternoon and evenings. Lastly, give yourself breaks. 

“I am here to help and talk,” Atkins said. “I want to help students figure out this transition.” 

According to Atkins, one positive aspect of having a virtual office is the clear schedule. “My schedule is more organized, and I am able to have one-on-one moments that are more intentional.” 

However, Atkins misses the spontaneity her MC office brings. “Students will just pop right in and want to talk.” She added, “My office is so organic.” 

In the upcoming weeks, Atkins will hire Blue and Gold leaders for the fall semester. She will also be taking part in some important meetings with administration. But mostly, she is here for you. 

“I want to be on the forefront, a resource for students to have,” she said. 

Reach out to Atkins for any help you need or if you want to chat about classes and/or life. Her email is

“The Lord has us,” she noted. “We are here for you.”

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The Collegian

The Collegian is the official student newspaper of Mississippi College. Run by students for students, The Collegian strives to bring quality journalism and storytelling to its readers while also providing an outlet for students to express themselves. We hope our readers leave with a better sense of their community and the people in it.

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