We’re Almost to the End/by Marquisha Mathis

 It has been really hard staying at home and not being at Mississippi College. At first I was excited because of spring break. I needed a break from schoolwork and campus. However, the coronavirus has begun to spread all over the world. The world went into panic! I went into panic as well, but it wasn’t about the virus, it was more so about the idea that I would be missing out on school and being back on campus.

     My first thought was “How am I going to do my work?” Then I got an email from the school talking about classes that will be moved to an online format on Moodle. I left all my books at school, and I did not want to drive back to campus for them.

     Since everything was going to be moved online, I thought maybe the professors would provide materials and resources for us. And they did just that, so I didn’t have to drive almost three hours back to MC.

     However, I don’t like taking classes that involve my major online. I think face-to-face interaction is more important. It allows you to really learn what your professor is talking about.

     As a communication major, my classes involve projects, such as interviews, PR plans, and sales presentations. So, I was a little worried about how that was going to work, but it’s turning out to be fine.

     We came into this about two weeks after spring break so lost, trying to understand how all of this was going to work, but we are making it.

     Online classes have been tricky for some students who have found it hard to do their work online, especially those in certain majors. I prefer those online classes that I know I can still learn from but which are not involved in my major. For example, a nutrition or English class.

     However, there can be some benefits from online classes, such as professors who are willing to have face-to face interactions with you. You don’t feel like you’re talking to a ghost.

     Many of us are wondering how finals are going to work now that they’re online. We’re worried about our grades and will it be timed, but I want us to remember that we’re almost there. What I thought would make me mad about online classes has made me appreciate them more.

     Online options exist. Our education is still ours. Because our professors want to help us succeed, we have an opportunity to learn even in this state.

     We’re in the month of April, and we’re still holding on. It may be getting harder, or it may be getting easier, but we’re getting there. In my opinion, this virus will only defeat us for now. We will be back to real life in the fall. Don’t worry; we’re almost to the end.

Published by

The Collegian

The Collegian is the official student newspaper of Mississippi College. Run by students for students, The Collegian strives to bring quality journalism and storytelling to its readers while also providing an outlet for students to express themselves. We hope our readers leave with a better sense of their community and the people in it.

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