Folklore: The Last Not-So-Great American Album/By Austin LaBrot

I’m sorry, Lover, Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because she’s dead. 

As a fan of Taylor Swift ever since “You Belong with Me,” I have some bad blood with Swift’s newest release, “Folklore.” This album was dropped as a “surprise” album, but let’s be real: we knew Swift wasn’t finished creating masterpieces. 

Throughout her discography, Swift grows. The variety of her style, twisting of cultural idioms, and quality meanings of her songs have made her famous across the world. 

This is why I was so excited to know she was releasing an eighth album. Then, I took a listen. 

Folklore is trash. Folklore is the album you listen to after your significant other breaks your heart. Folklore is the album you listen to after syllabus week. Folklore is the album you listen to after Chick-fil-A gives you soggy waffle fries. 

What happened to Taylor? She was breaking hearts left and right, good music following. Then, she falls in love and creates this depressing music? 

Okay, there are SOME good songs on the album. She really surprised me with “the 1.” Was this going to be a classic love song? Nope. This depressing song began the album. Got me in my feels immediately. Sad boy hours began early the day I first listened to “Folklore.”

My “favorites” include “The Last Great American Dynasty,” “August,” and “Mad Woman.” But when I listen to music, I want to be uplifted. Taken out of reality and into the clouds. Not dragged six feet under. Swift needs another “Reputation” or “1989.” 

However, after listening to “Folklore” a few times through, I have started liking it more and more. The album has a great theme, the songs flow together, and we get to see a mature side of Taylor that listeners have never experienced before. No longer is she 15, sitting next to red-headed Abigail. Nor does she remember her beef with Kanye (did she forget that he existed?). 

Swift has conquered country, pop, and now, alternative. What music genres could she possibly do next? What other surprises does she have in store for us?

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