It’s That Simple: Kamala Harris/by Marquisha Mathis

Who runs the world? Girls. That’s what Beyonce said in her song once. Women don’t just have the ability to run the city, but we can run the world right alongside men.

Wow! What a year we have had so far. Starting off a new decade like this was not a part of the plan, but everything doesn’t have to be negative. For example, it’s that time to vote again for a new president and vice president, and I have to say, I’ve only paid attention to the person who’s possibly running for the position of vice president.

It’s none other than Kamala Harris. The 2020 Democratic National Convention was held to nominate both the next president and vice president of the United States. This means so much to every minority woman in the world. We were blessed enough to have Michelle Obama, whom I consider an iconic woman. We didn’t know if or when we were going to get another Black lady in the White House.

To be fair, I was hoping Michelle would have run for president after Barack Obama, but this is awesome as well on so many levels. I’m glad we didn’t have to wait another few years to see another woman of color in a high position in the White House. We had a start with women getting the chance to be mayors of their cities, but this speaks volumes.

There’s no stopping us. This is history in the making. Those young girls in school can look up and see that differences are being made and this is only the beginning.

For junior Macia Outlaw, it has been exhilarating to watch for the past few weeks where the efforts of Kamala Harris have led her. “She has aggressively worked to challenge the status quo not only as a woman, but as a Black and Asian woman, which proves the importance of the inclusion of minority women in politics.”

What’s so special about this is we’ll once again have someone in office making decisions for us, and that will be in the best interest of the people. We have the opportunity to not live in fear of what might or might not happen over the next four years.

Joe Biden has chosen a great running mate. Someone who knows what she’s doing and exactly how to do it. It’s very important to have different perspectives, especially when it comes to trying to understand what’s best for other people.

Harris has been the talk of every news outlet. Fox News, CNN, Politico, The Washington Post, and others have talked about her running as vice president next to Biden. Some of the comments were negative, but many were positive. But if you ask me, the negative comments are ones who are worried about what greatness she has up her sleeve.

A candidate who knows what we need. One who knows about politics. One who already has a goal in mind for every individual in the world is spectacular.

We always hear the saying, “Your vote matters.” This is very true. However, many of us are thinking to ourselves, Who is going to represent us? Who is going to be the voice that we need to speak up for us?

Hopefully, we don’t have to worry anymore when the new year comes. The future is looking pretty promising, and there is something happening for everyone. It’s all about us. 

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The Collegian

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