SGA Taking COVID-19 Head-On/by Kienna Van Dellen

The student government on campus at MC serves as an advocate and voice for the students. Year after year, the council continues to bring motivation, new ideas, and creativity to create a better campus. MC welcomes in a new board of leadership this year. Micheal Washington is stepping into the role of President, Damon Wright as Vice President, Lawson Stewart as Chief Justice, Josh Holloway as Business Manager, and Sam Hughes as Chief of Staff. 

SGA hopes to give students a stronger representative body and become further unified as a school. Despite these new COVID-19 obstacles, student government is still motivated with great opportunities to make a big difference this year. The council has placed a greater emphasis on social media this year so students can reach out with ease. “SGA is an organization made up of students for students, so it is imperative that everyone knows that we are all ears to hear any problems or suggestions,” said Vice President Damon Wright. “Though times may not be easy, the growth that we will experience as a campus and as people due to these unprecedented circumstances will truly be special and shape our outlook on life. I believe the MC family will greatly benefit from these adjustments.”

The association places a strong emphasis on student considerations and concerns. Along with its legislative branch, SGA works together to provide a quality experience to each student on- and off-campus. Like many other campus groups, SGA altered meetings and outreach to conform with campus COVID-19 safety protocols. “Campaigning for all students who are interested in being a part of our Student Senate will be conducted via social media rather than in-person interaction providing as much social distancing as possible,” said Business Manager Joshua Holloway. The council wants to bring diverse students to speak on unique issues and changes on campus. “I want to pick a council with a variety of beliefs so that I can hear many different opinions from my council members,” said Chief Justice Lawson Stewart. 

The student government is working hard through all the challenges of COVID-19 and a new semester to make changes and bring new and exciting things to the MC campus. “One of the changes that I and the other Executive Council members are trying to accomplish is to continue to modernize our campus. Dr. Thompson’s leadership has allowed us to have a Chick-fil-A on campus,” said President Michael Washington. “ I plan to follow his lead in achieving a more modern family atmosphere in all aspects for the students. With that being said, the students’ input and voice are highly needed.” 

The council sets an example for other students by doing their best to follow the protocols set in place by the Board of Administration for MC. Chief of Staff Sam Hughes comments, “The only way we can get through this semester is with the help of the entire student body. We are all counting on each other to stay safe and healthy so we can remain here on campus.” 

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The Collegian

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