What was your favorite quarantine hobby?

Hannah Moore:  “My favorite quarantine hobby was teaching my dog tricks! He never learned to roll over….”

Evan Phillips: “My favorite quarantine hobby was making vlogs and posting them to my Instagram @_evan_phillips. You could say I’m quirky.” 

Caleb Baldwin: “My favorite quarantine hobby was fishing. After hours of fishing out of a kayak, I would get bored, jump out of my kayak, and try to fish with my bare hands! I never caught anything, but it was fun.” 

Kent Morris: “A hobby I loved during quarantine involved a dance with death! I wrestled alligators in the swamp – just kidding. Geaux Tigers!” 

Published by

The Collegian

The Collegian is the official student newspaper of Mississippi College. Run by students for students, The Collegian strives to bring quality journalism and storytelling to its readers while also providing an outlet for students to express themselves. We hope our readers leave with a better sense of their community and the people in it.

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