Clubs and Tribes Answer “Why Rush?”/by Collegian Staff

MC just isn’t MC without its Clubs and Tribes. They are unique to this campus and to the members within them. Clubs and Tribes aren’t for everybody, but The Collegian knows the best decisions are informed decisions. We reached out to the presidents of each organization and asked them to explain, in 50 words or less, why someone should join their organization. Here are their responses… 

Jacob Talazac, Shawreth: “I love Shawreth. We strive to love like Jesus did. Through every trial in life, we come alongside each other and walk into the next season stronger. In Shawreth, you’ll find a family of 65 men who want to do the same with you. Devotion, Perseverance, Excellence. Rush Shawreth!” 

Jill Dickerson, Laguna: “In Laguna, we have a saying: “We’ve got each other.” Such a simple string of words has emerged into such a powerful promise for our sisterhood. Whether you’re down in the valley or your head is in the clouds, Laguna will always stand firm in your corner, fearlessly rooting you on.”

Bryce Lindsey, Civitan: “If I was a PNM again I would rush Civitan because of the many opportunities it provides. The opportunities for service and social events are the best on Mississippi College’s campus. Civitan has members in various roles across campus, providing so many opportunities for our new members to get involved and connect.” 

Addison Seal, Kissimmee: “Kissimee Social Tribe has been a sisterhood that has welcomed me with open arms & embraces me for exactly who I am! I hope girls decide to rush KT for this same experience & that they see the true joy, contagious energy & genuine love of Christ that embodies our tribe!”

Dillon Hunt, Decerto: “In Decerto, I’ve formed lifelong bonds and learned to run harder in my faith than I ever thought possible. I have brothers I can always depend on. If you want to learn to stand firm in your faith, be discipled, and find family, Decerto wants to offer that to you!”

Jordan Ball, Swannanoa: “One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to rush ST is because of the intentional relationships I built. I had girls come up to me during the coke party or just in passing every day and they would remember my name and the conversations we had.”

Luke Williams, Kokoa: “If you’re looking for the perfect club, Kokoa is far from it. We offer brotherhood, fellowship, and goofy times despite our brokenness, and come together around the fact that Christ makes us whole.”

Olivia Grace Brookins, Nenamoosha: “One of the reasons I rushed NT is because I felt like Nenamoosha was a place where I could be real! Nenamoosha has been a place for me to build genuine and authentic relationships with people from all different walks of life! 

Rush the Red! Rush NT!”

Zac Boudoin, Rotaract: “Rotaract is a group of brothers who stand by each other’s sides through the worst, and who work hard to reach that point of trust with one another. We also have tons of fun doing stuff like Follies, Swerve, and Derby Week, where our focus is dual- winning and having fun.”

Manuela Rosipko, Chenoa: “Chenoa is home to me. I am honored to be in a sisterhood that rejoices and mourns together. I have grown in my relationship with Christ and personal leadership in this Tribe.”

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The Collegian

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