Hollywood Goes Back to Work/by Morgan Miller

In March, COVID-19 effectively shut down the entire film and television industry. Productions were stalled or cancelled altogether, forcing people to put beloved stories on hold for the greater good of public safety. Actors, directors, and producers all went home, and the public was left to re-watch old favorites while news of suspended productions and delayed movie releases flooded the media.

         That was life for a long while. It wasn’t until recently that some movies and TV shows have finally been allowed to resume filming, bringing with them the promise of new entertainment for the masses.

         Some of the TV shows that have gone back into production include reality shows like “Dancing with the Stars,” “America’s Got Talent,” “Love Island,” “Big Brother,” “Wheel of Fortune,” and “The Bachelorette.” TV shows that focus on storied content that are also picking back up include “The Witcher,” “Supernatural,” and “The Connors.” “Grey’s Anatomy” is also planning to go back into production very soon, although they haven’t announced a specific date for resuming just yet.

         Regarding movies, James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel to 2010’s “Avatar” has also resumed filming after production was shut down in New Zealand earlier this year. “Jurassic World: Dominion,” third in the new line of Jurassic Park movies, has also been allowed to continue filming after being put on pause in March. Additionally, the seventh film of the “Mission Impossible” franchise has gone back into production. Tom Cruise has been spotted doing stunts that involve riding a motorcycle over a cliff before parachuting himself to safety, so at least you know these people are still as dedicated to their craft as ever.

         Even though all of these projects have started back up again, they are still abiding by COVID-19 guidelines as best as possible. Some of the measures taken include reducing the number of crew members present, testing on set, temperature checks, hand sanitizer stations, and frequent cleaning of indoor locations. Judges for reality shows are socially distanced from one another, and shows that would typically have in-studio audiences are being conducted without them.

         All of these measures are done with the intent to keep cast and crew members safe while filming resumes. After all, no one wants to shut down production yet again after having gone so long without it.

Some of MC’s own are excited at the prospect of TV and movies being allowed to resume shooting.

Junior Grace Morgan says, “I think everyone’s happy that things are going back into production. The shows that have resumed work aren’t typically ones that I watch, but the fact that they’re trying to continue means that production can happen during this time. That’s encouraging because it means that shows and movies that I do watch might be able to start back up soon, too.”

Junior Hannah Hood added to this, saying, “I’m really excited! ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is my show, so I’m super pumped that it’s going to start filming again soon among other shows.”

Given all of this, it’s clear that the news of TV shows and films going back into production is a new bright spot in the world of entertainment. It shows that even if there are still a lot of unknowns during this time, taking a stab at returning to filming routines is a welcome sign to audiences everywhere.

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The Collegian

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