MC Intramurals Add E-Sports/by Jace Aymond

For many MC students, participating in intramurals is one of the most anticipated events of the semester. Aspects such as enjoying quality time with close friends, the competitive nature of sports, as well as bringing the whole MC family together are why intramurals have become a well-loved and important part of the MC experience.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, intramurals look much different than in years past. This semester, instead of traditional sports like basketball and soccer, there will be e-sports. 

“E-sports is basically just sports in a video game version,” says president of Intramurals Emery Applegate. “We’re having to do that this semester due to COVID-19 and our social distancing guidelines.”

The major problem with traditional sports, Applegate says, is that “they have a lot of contact and we just want to keep our students safe.”

Although traditional intramurals are a great way to meet new students and form friendships, e-sports have their own opportunities to make these connections as well. “You can find other students’ tagnames and you can play against them” Applegate says. Tagnames are simply just a username someone uses for their certain video game console, and students can use these to find other students with which to play, chat, or both! 

There are four different games that the intramurals team is offering for students to play this year according to Applegate. The options are as follows: “Rocket League, where you are playing soccer, but instead of kicking it, you are driving cars. Madden, which is football. 2K, which is basketball. And, hopefully, at the end we will have Super Smash Bros., which is all your favorite Nintendo characters and they just fight each other.”

In addition, Applegate says that instead of league play followed by the playoffs, e-sports intramurals will consist of a double-elimination tournament where “you self-report your scores and we tell you who and when you are playing. By the end, we will have a champion!”

The Rocket League season is already underway featuring eleven team, with two students per team. The other e-sports’ tournaments will be held every few weeks and it will all end around the middle of November. 

Lastly, with the addition of e-sports, more students may participate in intramurals than before. Applegate says, “This [e-sports] is a route we were hoping to go down anyways because we wanted to offer fun competition for our people who may not enjoy in-person athletics as well.” So far, e-sports have been successful, and the intramurals committee cannot wait to see what the future holds. “We hope that you guys participate and have a good time! The goal is to keep everybody safe and to have some fun in the midst of this crazy chaos.”

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