Movie Theaters Open Their Doors Again/by Morgan Miller

Across the nation, select movie theaters have finally been allowed to open once again following a lengthy closure due to COVID-19.

         AMC, the biggest theater company in the world, has begun the process of opening up almost two-thirds of its locations across the United States. The other one-third will remain closed until given the green light by local authorities. For the theaters that do welcome back patrons, they will do so under the guidelines of COVID-19: masks are mandatory upon entrance, max capacity will be reduced, and a better circulation system for air vents will be put into place.

         Malco Theatres have also started to reopen. They are adopting the same COVID-19 precautions as AMC regarding masks and a limited capacity, but some locations will also have temperature checks and reserved seating.

         The opening of movie theaters coincides perfectly with the release of Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” a long-awaited blockbuster that would have been released earlier this summer. Other new movies that will join “Tenet” in theaters include films like “Unhinged,” “The New Mutants,” and “Words on Bathroom Walls.”

         The news of theaters opening their doors may be troubling to some. After all, we’re still not at a point where the spread of COVID-19 is under total control, so there are those who may be wary of venturing back to the big screen. However, I choose to view this announcement as a spark of hope, a notion that we might maybe, slowly, slightly, be taking steps back to what normal once was. I dearly love movies, and being able to see them in theaters is an experience I’ll always jump at, so this news is something that brings me immense joy.

         Some of MC’s own are also heartened by the thought of theaters reopening.

         When asked her opinion, senior Marquisha Mathis says, “I’m so excited it’s back open because the new ‘Candyman’ is coming out next month, and I need to see that movie. It was supposed to come out in June before it was pushed back. But that’s okay! It will be here right around Halloween. Also, I’m curious to see what this new movie ‘Words on Bathroom Walls’ is all about.”

         Junior Maddie Messick says, “As long as there’s precautions in place like being socially distanced, I think it’s a great thing that movie theaters are reopening. It’s really exciting because it’s something that brings people together.”

         Based on these sentiments, there’s a lot to look forward to now that a major source of entertainment is coming back to audiences everywhere.

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