No Scholarships for Remote Students/by Austin LaBrot

Coming back to campus in August created some concern among students and parents. Colleges are hotspots for easy transmission of any disease – not just COVID-19. Many people confined in small spaces while  interacting constantly means MC could easily become a petri dish. 

This concern was noted by administration, specifically the Fall Opening Task Force co-chaired by Jonathan Randle and Jonathan Ambrose. 

“There are three types of students for the Fall 2020 semester,” Ambrose said. “Traditional/face-to-face/hybrid, fully online students, and remote learning.”

Students deciding to attend the semester remotely did lose their scholarships. The rumor is true; but there is more to the story. 

“Scholarships are tied to residency,” Ambrose said. “We wanted to accommodate students the best that we could.” 

Since scholarships are tied to residency, students who voluntarily decided to attend MC from their home did lose their Fall 2020 MC-offered scholarships. However, remote students were given a reduced tuition rate. 

“Only a handful of students chose to do remote learning. About 12 students are currently remote,” Ambrose said. 

The rumors are slightly true. Scholarships may have been lost, but a reduced tuition rate was given to accommodate students. 

Students who are remote learning due to health-related concerns are not classified as remote learners and were able to keep their scholarships. 

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