Office of Public Safety August Recap/by Kienna Van Dellen

he Mississippi College Office of Public Safety exists to keep the students, faculty, and staff safe and keep the campus secure. They serve as a patrol unit for the campus, maintaining communication with the higher authorities of law enforcement on our behalf. 

From Aug. 5, 2020, to Sept. 3, 2020, campus security officers made a total of 54 dispatches. There were 17 miscellaneous alarm calls from all locations all over campus. Seven reports of alcohol violations were made; all but one were referred to the Judicial Council. Three COVID-19 related calls were made. Seven vehicle accidents occurred, five of which are closed cases while one is still under investigation, and one remains unknown. One harassment report took place on Jefferson Street that is also still under investigation. Campus Security has also made one off-campus medical-related call. 

The most common calls they receive are informational, interventional, or for aid. With new campus rules of COVID-19 safety and students needing various forms of help, they are the first ones on the scene to assist. Contact them at (601-925-3204).

Detailed Report: 

8/11/2020 Medical Call Off-campus Clinton

8/13/2020 Vehicle Accident Law School- Small Parking Lot

8/14/2020 Vehicle Accident Lot R-D

8/15/2020 Alcohol Violation New Women’s West

8/16/2020 Vehicle Accident Lot R-C

8/18/2020 Fire – General B.C. Rogers Student Center 

8/19/2020 Vehicle Accident Commuter Lot 5

8/20/2020 Alcohol Violation (Count 1) New Women’s West

8/20/2020 Alcohol Violation (Count 2) New Women’s West

8/20/2020 Alcohol Violation (Count 3) New Women’s West

8/20/2020 Alcohol Violation (Count 4) New Women’s West

8/20/2020 Alcohol Violation (Count 5) New Women’s West

8/21/2020 Harassment Jefferson Street

8/21/2020 Vehicle Accident Lot R-H

8/21/2020 Vehicle Accident Lot R-H

8/22/2020 Alcohol Violation University Place: Building F

8/22/2020 COVID-19 Related Parking Garage: Level 3

8/23/2020 COVID-19 Related B.C. Rogers Student Center 

8/23/2020 Parking Violation Lot R-G

8/27/2020 Parking Violation New Women’s West

8/31/2020 Vehicle Accident Nursing West Building  

8/31/2020 COVID-19 Related Clinton Campus 

8/31/2020 Petit Larceny (Clothes) New Women’s West

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