Marching Band Adapts, Prepares for Return of Football/by Austin LaBrot

No Choctaw football means no marching band to perform at halftime. MC’s newest band addition has been spending its first year gearing up for the years to come. 

Duncan Goff, director of the marching band, said, “As football was cancelled for the fall semester, it was decided that the marching band would move to spring and symphonic band.” “One exception is our drumline,” he added. 

“The drumline is meeting to establish a vital part of the marching band for the upcoming season and future for the marching band.”  

There are currently 50 members in the marching band, which is a “big increase from last year,” Goff noted. 

Still in process are preparations for a marching band practice field. Once the University Place residence halls, also known as the Pods, were constructed a few years ago, the former MC marching band disbanded due to having no place to practice. 

Practicing on the football field would be a daunting task for the new band. The band hall, where equipment is stored, is located near University Place. It would be quite a march just to get to the football field from the band hall.

Despite the lack of football and marching band, students are still looking forward to next season. “I’m excited to be able to perform again next year and be back in the crowds to watch the football games,” said marching band member Mary Schneider. 

 “I love the way the band feels like a family, and I can’t wait to be back with my family soon,” said Sophia Suh, clarinet player and band member. 

Students are still being recruited for the marching band. Musicians skilled in guitar, bass, and electric keyboard are wanted. Scholarships are available. 

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