School of Education Sees Increase in Students/by Austin LaBrot

Move over School of Science and Mathematics, there’s a new top school on campus. With over 27% of MC’s entire student body enrolled, the School of Education is producing the future teachers and leaders of tomorrow. But don’t feel too bad, School of Science and Mathematics; you still take silver with 20% of MC’s population. 

The School of Education consists of three departments, said Dean Cindy Melton: Kinesiology, Psychology & Counseling, and Teacher Education and Leadership. Within these departments, students can pursue degrees from undergraduate to doctoral. 

Melton believes the School of Education is attractive because of the school’s mission statement. “Within the School of Education, we see our chosen careers as a ministry and as our mission field. We believe we are called to be good stewards and to live out 1 Peter 4:10 by serving others through the use of our gifts, abilities, and skills.” 

The School of Education can be synonymous with service. With degrees ranging from teaching to counseling to sports ministry, graduates from the school are prepared to go out into the world ready to directly serve the masses. 

“With so many MC students who are mission- and ministry-minded, the School of Education has a lot of opportunities for students who are called to serve others in their field of interest,” Melton said.  

Students within most education-based programs get a running start in the professional world through internships, field experiences, or lab work. 

“These experiences help students to gain a deeper understanding of their chosen profession, as well as become better equipped for the challenges that they will face,” Melton said. “Our school also offers a lot of options for students who would like to pursue graduate work, as well as many opportunities for flexibility within career paths.” 

“As an elementary education major, one of my favorite ways of learning through the Education Department is observations,” said junior Abbey Smith. “My peers and I have multiple opportunities to go into the local schools, learn how to teach, and discover for ourselves what a classroom looks like from the opposite side of the desk.” 

Professors within the School of Education are passionate about seeing students become the best stewards they can. 

“I am so grateful to have an incredibly talented team of faculty and staff within our school who not only help prepare our students to be successful in their field of work, but also invest in them personally,” Melton said. 

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