Collegian Staff Offers Picks for Fall Movies/by Collegian Staff

Autumn is officially in full swing, and the promise of this season means returning to a cooler atmosphere of holidays and old favorites. Everyone seems to have a tradition they associate with fall, right down to the films they watch. To celebrate the occasion, some of The Collegian’s own have offered their personal picks for what their go-to movies are for the fall:

Kyle Hamrick, Editor in Chief: “Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp. It’s a gritty, gothic, eccentric reimagining of Washington Irving’s classic tale.”

Meredith Stratmann, Assistant Editor: “I just watched Hocus Pocus for the first time and I loved it.”

Rachel Faulk, Copy Editor: “The Charlie Brown Halloween special has always been a fall classic for my family.”

Meagan Eubanks, Ads/Social Media Coordinator: “Can’t go wrong with Twitches.”

Marquisha Mathis, Opinions Editor: “Hallmark movies.”

Austin LaBrot, News Editor: “You can’t go wrong with a classic fall Hallmark movie.”

Morgan Miller, Arts & Entertainment Editor: “I know it’s a newer movie, but Knives Out gives great fall vibes.”

Kienna Van Dellen, Reporter: “For us it’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and then the Christmas special for holiday season. We also did a lot of classic Disney movies.”

Happy fall, and happy movie watching!

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The Collegian

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