The Physical Plant Addresses Shower Issues in East and West Dormitories/by Morgan Miller

In The Collegian’s last issue, an article detailed the dangers associated with the New Women’s East and West showers. The article called attention to a lack of ventilation in the small bathrooms, and urged for solutions to prevent dorm residents from fainting.

Since then, MC’s Physical Plant has responded to the issue.

“If you have a hot shower in East and West with the doors closed, you’re going to have a bad situation,” said Dr. Tom Williams, Executive Director of Campus Operations at the Physical Plant. “We’re not sure why the architects didn’t put a vent in the shower area, but it would take a tremendous amount of money to install them.”

However, this does not mean there are no options to alleviate the problem for residents.

Williams explained that even though there is no air vent in the area where the shower is located, there is one behind a door that leads to the toilet. If one were to shower with the door leading to the toilet open, then the air vent located in that area should help reduce the amount of steam.

“We make sure that the air vent in the toilet area works 24/7, and it is checked thoroughly,” said Williams. “We also have a domestic boiler for hot water set at 130 degrees, but that could be made cooler from the source if need be.”

There are options available to help reduce the dangers associated with East and West’s showers. Students can also do their part by shortening shower times or taking showers on a lower heat setting.

“We really like to hear what students have to say about things on campus, so it’s important to know about these issues,” offered Dr. Tom Williams.

The lack of a vent by the shower is not something that can be helped; but given these potential solutions, residents can make proactive choices in an effort to reduce risks and keep themselves safe.

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