A Midterm Check-in with MC’s Nursing Students/by Meredith Stratmann

We’ve made it to the point of the semester where people are frantically studying and scurrying to class. There’s no time for socialization. The commons are packed with people bent over books or at least trying to while their friends distract them. That’s right–it’s midterms.

This can be a stressful time for all students, and the nursing school is no exception. Nursing is widely regarded as one of the most difficult undergraduate majors. As a nursing student myself, let me assure you that it is. I’m not just saying that to complain or try to get your pity. Nursing school is just a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. This semester, I have 18 hours of coursework over seven classes. A small portion of those hours count for the 18 hours I actually spend in clinicals weekly. Combined with organizations, jobs, and a social life, and long story short–I’m overwhelmed. 

When I asked my fellow classmates their feelings regarding how the semester is going so far, I got responses such as “we are drowning,” and “sobbing.” Senior Lane Oxner said, “Every test in nursing school is like a midterm. We struggle on all of them.” Given that it’s after midnight and I took a break from studying to write this article, I have to agree. 

Not only is the array of content difficult, but the questions themselves are challenging. Many ask what the nursing priority is or describe a set of symptoms and then expect you to know the proper intervention. Since we’re still developing nursing critical thinking, what we would do is not always right. 

Even still, the nursing school is a family that binds together to get through. Having clinicals in the hospital and on a behavioral health unit can lead to some crazy times. I don’t know what I would’ve done without my classmates there with me. 

Senior Natalie Russell remains a source of encouragement, saying “For all the nursing students out there, we made it to midterms! Whether you are in your first or fourth semester, this is an accomplishment. We are halfway to the finish line. Stay motivated and keep up the good work.” 

While nursing school can be a trying time full of papers, tests, and clinicals, at least we have our classmates to struggle through it with us.

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The Collegian

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