Global Impact of the 2020 Election/by Kienna Van Dellen

Tensions are rising as the presidential election is drawing closer. Most national elections are not global events, but the U.S. presidential election is an exception. The U.S. has an impact on the world in a way other countries don’t. This country is the largest economy in the world with the largest stock exchange. Nine out of ten currency transactions worldwide include the U.S. dollar. The U.S. is also a military superpower, has the largest military structures in the world, and is leading the globe in military spending, just above China. The U.S. has a social and cultural impact on immediate neighbors such as Mexico, Canada, and also North and Central America as a whole.

This year’s election will have a huge impact on environmental policies and international trading deals. “The U.S. plays a critical role in the global economy,” said Bill Hare, a climate scientist and CEO of Climate Analytics. “It’s also a key source of technological innovation.” Because of its innovation, the U.S. creates a ripple effect of change in surrounding countries. Some countries see the U.S. in a negative light because of the power that this country holds. But at this time, the most powerful country now seems vulnerable as it awaits the outcome of the election. Americans are now getting an insight into the problems that people in unstable democracies continue to endure. One instance may be due to the travel restrictions imposed on Americans to travel to surrounding countries by COVID-19. Most recently, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the border will remain closed until the U.S. is able to get COVID-19 under control.

A northern view: 

Traditionally, ties between the United States and Canada have been close, connected both by a common 5,500-mile border and by shared history and values. Both countries are working closely to overcome the problems of international security. Canadian leaders are doing their best to prepare for any outcome. “We’re all watching the U.S. election with close attention because of its potential impact on the Canadian economy,” said Prime Minister Trudeau. The U.S. and Canada maintain extensive commercial ties, with total two-way cross-border goods and services trades. “Of course what happens in the United States is going to be impacting Canada after the election. But our job is to be ready for all outcomes,” Trudeau said. The U.S. is the main trade partner in Canada, but 20% of Canada’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is focused on exports to the U.S. market. Safeguarding the relationship is the number one role of the prime minister of Canada, no matter who is in leadership over the U.S. 

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