Worship Collective Releases New Album/by Morgan Miller

On Oct. 26, MC’s Worship Collective released their newest album to streaming platforms. It is their fourth album overall as well as their first Christmas album.

Fittingly titled “Joyful and Triumphant,” the album comes with a story of perseverance as it was being worked on while COVID-19 overtook normal life.

“When COVID hit, we had the band parts for these songs, but no vocals or singing,” explained Dr. Will Bishop, Assistant Professor of Worship Leadership. “We just kind of put it on hold. We couldn’t really do anything in the spring because we weren’t here, but once the semester ended and some of the rules were lifted, we agreed to finish the album in the summer. Everyone I talked to wanted to go ahead and do it.”

Putting everything together proved to be tricky as the students were scattered and had to travel to campus on their own time to contribute to the album. Recording had to be done from a distance, and it was not until August that the last song for the album was finalized. The process of creating this album was kept alive because of the determination shown by Worship Collective. They believed in this album and were willing to sacrifice time and distance to see it through.

“We had a student who drove down from the Delta one day, did her song, and then drove right back again. So people were willing to say, ‘I believe in this. I’ll give my day off to come and record,’” said Dr. Bishop.

It was not the most conventional way to create an album, but it was the best way to make one in the given circumstances. The title of the album itself, “Joyful and Triumphant,” is a direct reflection of Worship Collective. They chose to take a difficult time riddled with challenges and create something positive, something that could put light back into the world, something that could be the very opposite of the darkness brought by COVID-19. Even though the songs were written before the virus hit, they now take on a whole new meaning in light of all that’s come to pass.

“If you were to read the lyrics now, it really feels like it can be about this. Some songs are about being frightened and unsure of the future but still trusting God by clinging to Him. At the end, it’s like if all I have left to cling to is Your promise, that’s enough. I will trust,” said Dr. Bishop.

The album has already released two singles prior to its wider release on Oct. 26, and those singles have been played in countries as far away as Finland, Malaysia, and Germany. 

“These songs can have a far bigger reach than any concert on campus we can have. One of our prayers is that people around the world will be encouraged and will find joy in the songs,” Dr. Bishop explained.

Encouragement is among the many messages of hope found within these nine songs, and the album itself is breathing proof that wonderful things can be crafted from difficult times. Born from a sense of perseverance, students need look no further than “Joyful and Triumphant” to see how God has provided an outlet made all the more meaningful by MC’s own for this holiday season.

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The Collegian

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