Virtual Ceremony for 2020 Grads/by Austin LaBrot

On November 2, MC announced commencement for May, August, and December 2020 graduates will be honored with a virtual ceremony on December 12. 

“We do hope that graduates will feel a sense of pride, accomplishment, and closure as we recognize their success at MC,” said Commencement Committee Chair Dr. Kyle Brantley. 

Senior accounting major Jared Johns expressed mixed sentiments toward the decision. 

“I understand that we have to do graduation virtually, but it sucks for the people who worked so hard to get here,” he said. “It’s too bad that we won’t be able to celebrate with our friends.” 

2020 graduates are also invited to the commencement ceremony next semester in May 2021. Whether or not that ceremony occurs in person depends on COVID-19 group restrictions at that time. 

Graduates will receive a package with their cap and tassel, a printed keepsake program, MC alumni memorabilia, Latin honor stoles for those who earned them, and other items to commemorate their time at MC, said Brantley. 

More information regarding the virtual graduation will be released as the date approaches. Be on the lookout for all those campus-wide emails. 

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