Collegian Staff Offers Picks for Christmas Movies/by Collegian Staff

With only a couple of weeks to go in the semester, students can look forward to the remaining holidays 2020 has left to offer. Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and a long-awaited Christmas lays just beyond it. While Thanksgiving often gets overshadowed by Christmas, the latter’s atmosphere is an undeniably vibrant time, filled with the promise of chilly nights, warm fires, colored lights, familial love, and an encompassing peace that fills us all. To get people into the spirit, some of The Collegian’s own have offered personal picks for their go-to Christmas movies:

Kyle Hamrick:Christmas Vacation is a Hamrick TRADITION. Dad and I can quote scenes at length!

Meredith Stratmann:Big fan of Fred Claus and Christmas with the Kranks! The cheesier the movie, the better.

Rachel Faulk:Home Alone and Home Alone 2 are some of my favorites! They never get old!

John Mark Pinter:Can’t go wrong with Elf.

Jacob Beard:Elf. Will Ferrell is a mood during the Christmas season.

Austin LaBrot:The Year Without a Santa Claus! Because they call him Heat Miser! And who doesn’t like claymation?

Morgan Miller:Christmas Vacation has always been a staple in my house. Home Alone is another favorite, too.

Marquisha Mathis:Home Alone. The Polar Express. The Nightmare Before Christmas (if it counts).

Kienna Van Dellen:Home Alone and Arthur Christmas! I grew up with a lot of siblings, so I could definitely relate to both movies with the sibling rivalry.

Blessings to all this holiday season, and happy movie watching!

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