Finals Week Update/by Kienna Van Dellen

Finals week is approaching, and many students are wondering what exams will look like this semester. 

“Final exams are likely to be somewhat similar, but also different,” said Debbie Norris, Associate Provost and  Graduate Dean at MC. “Many faculty are creating new ways of teaching that are enhancing the learning outcomes. One example is flipping the classroom–providing recorded lectures and using the face-to-face class time to discuss the lectures.” 

Dr. Norris mentioned many of the professors this year will be giving their exams in class to provide as much normalcy to the students as possible. This can be accomplished with larger classrooms or two classrooms for the exam or an online proctor. 

The Music and Arts Committee of the Campus Programming Board plan to hold a finals art aggression event for students before the exam week. It will include a paint-throwing portion to relieve the stress, as well as a few other stations. Some stations will include encouraging artwork to give to friends and fellow students. “It will involve lots of colorful snacks and just a good time to take a break right before everyone jumps into studying,” said Marion Pohl, chair of the music and arts committee.

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