Hillionaire Productions and Global Genesis Group Bring a Thriller Film to the Brick Streets/by Kienna Van Dellen

A new movie is running its production through the streets of Clinton, Miss. The suspense thriller, titled “Teacher’s Watching,” was rewritten to take place in Clinton and will include the city’s name. Chosen over Canton, Fondren, and several cities in Washington state, Clinton is the home of producing partner Cedric Cornelius. “Cedric and I were talking about this film, and I said we really need to look at more of a hometown, small type of atmosphere,” said Hillionaire Productions lead producer Jami McCoy-Lankford. “And he said Clinton would be perfect.

  The movie is coming to life by executive producer Harel Goldstein from Global Genesis Group; co-executive producer Jami McCoy-Lankford, owner of Hillionaire Productions; line producer Denise Loren; and finally, husband and wife co-directing duo Bobby and Renee Peoples. The names of the cast members have not been released yet.

The film is a biopic about a woman named Izzy Fletcher who, after relocating for a high-tech job, struggles with balancing her inner demons and fending off a foe that threatens her family’s very survival.

The production will use the Clinton Police Department as a prominent role in the plot of the film. Both the Clinton Police Department and the Clinton Fire Department will play a central role in the climatic end.

Mark Jones, Director of Communication for the city of Clinton, said, “We are elated to have Clinton not only chosen for this project but also written into the movie. Many films use fictitious towns, but the producers used Clinton, Miss., as the location in the movie. That is an important detail that should help us land other films and raise our profile around the country.”

Jones also related that Clinton Mayor Phil Fisher and the heads of the city department organized the recruitment of a feature film as one of their strategies for building the Clinton brand. “This movie is the culmination of brand positioning and hard work by the city. It is only the beginning. The producers have hinted at three additional movies in the near future, and more producers are scouting the city during this production,” said Jones. 

Jones explained how pleased they are to see the responses of the local residents and businesses. “We could not impress the producers without the cooperation and excitement of residents. Several loaned the production access to their cars, businesses, and homes. Hospitality will go a long way to landing future films, and our residents are living up to our brand ‘You Belong Here.’”

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