Office of Public Safety January Recap/by Kienna Van Dellen

From Jan. 1, 2021, to Feb. 2, 2021, the Office of Public Safety responded to a total of 24 incidents. The largest category of dispatches was 14 miscellaneous alarms, which are usually for non-criminal incidents or minor violations that do not require a case file.

There were two reported vehicle accidents; both cases were closed. New Men’s Residence Hall had a fire alarm occur, and public safety dispatched a general fire call. A medical call was made to Hederman Hall and remained open. An auto burglary occurred and is still under pending investigation; the case has not yet been closed. 

Report known or suspected violations of university policy or state or federal law to:

Office of Public Safety (601.925.3204), Clinton Police Department (601.924.5252).

Detailed Report:

01/06/2021 Assistance Capitol Street

01/09/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous Dyslexia Center 

01/11/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous Leland Speed Library 

01/11/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous Leland Speed Library 

01/13/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous Baptist Healthplex: Floor 3

01/13/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous Leland Speed Library 

01/14/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous Dyslexia Center

01/14/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous Soccer Field House (Girling)

01/15/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous Law School

01/19/2021 Assistance Lot R-A

01/20/2021 Vehicle Accident Commuter Lot 4

01/20/2021 Vehicle Accident Lot R-B

01/24/2021 Auto Burglary Lot R-D

01/25/2021 Parking Violation Latimer-Webb Residence Hall 

01/25/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous Healthplex Lot

01/26/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous University Place: Building F

01/27/2021 Fire-General New Men’s Residence Hall 

01/27/2021 Fire Alarm New Men’s Residence Hall: Floor 1

01/28/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous Dyslexia Center 

01/29/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous University Place 

01/31/2021 Medical Call Hederman Residence Hall 

02/02/2021 Alarm Miscellaneous Dyslexia Center

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