Residence Halls Get New Updates/by Marquisha Mathis

Because the semester ended earlier last year due to COVID-19, a number of things were left in the air for students, such as trying to find ways to study, hang out, and enjoy college life together. 2021 has brought with it a new year for students, and, for those that live on campus, renovations to residence halls.

Over winter break, each lobby in each dorm received a new coat of paint, along with replacement light fixtures. Many floors were updated, and the ones that didn’t need updating were deep cleaned. Kitchen spaces received new appliances, and new furniture decorated the renovated spaces. Some spaces are already done, while others are nearing completion.

Julie Kerr, Director of Residence Life, stated, “I hope once the lobbies are completed, the students will gain spaces that they can use for studying and spending time together building community.”

MC wants each of the lobbies to have more of a living room feel to them, and in order to accomplish that, they had to invest in renovating the spaces.

President Dr. Blake Thompson made the decision last fall to make changes to all residence halls so that every student has a comfortable and improved living environment.

Many students got the chance to experience this new change firsthand. Senior Takyia Wilson said, “I feel really appreciated that they decided to upgrade our lounge area. It is good to see Residence Life adjusting to the pandemonium.”

Students will be given the opportunity to utilize more of their living space on campus and get the chance to connect with new people.

These are some big changes that have taken place, and it makes students very happy..

 According to senior J’Mya Wells, “Everything looks really nice and I’m looking forward to a new and improved lobby where I can study and hang out with my suitemates.”

MC, along with Residence Life, sees the value that students need. It’s a place that allows them to find creative ways to use the updated space, further their educational career, and build community.

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