New Stimulus Fund For MC/by Marquisha Mathis

COVID-19 has really done a number in the past year on multiple fronts, such as the closing of businesses, jobs, and schools.

Mississippi is going to be getting a large amount of relief money for this crisis soon. In December, Congress passed a bill known as the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act that will allot $1 billion to the state of Mississippi.

Across the country, a total of $54 billion will go to K-12 schools, $23 billion to postsecondary institutions, and governors will receive $4.1 billion. The remainder will go to the Bureau of Indian Education.

Last year, when COVID affected a number of states, postsecondary schools in Mississippi were given $149 million dollars in a care relief package that was used for education, technology, and other expenses that could help with the school year. This year, $246 million has been given to Mississippi colleges, universities, and occupational schools.

Mississippi College is on the list to receive some of this stimulus money. The new fund will be used for food, housing, course materials, technology, and healthcare for students. The remaining can go towards lost revenue that schools may have endured, along with payroll and technology costs.

At the start of last semester, MC released an email that allowed students the opportunity to fill out a form on what they wanted to do about their tuition that they missed in the spring of 2020. Things will look a little different for the 2021-2022 school year. Students who have opted to go online for the remainder of 2021 did not receive any money back from the previous fund. But they may qualify for it in the new emergency student aid.

According to Mississippi Today, colleges and universities that receive this funding will have a year to spend this money on student aid. This is great news for Mississippi College, which shall be awarded $4,766,371. Out of that sum, at least $1,505,713 is to be used for emergency financial aid grants to students.

These funds will allow students who live on campus as well as those who are remote to receive some kind of aid. This will help those who may not be able to afford tuition, as well as providing the school with the necessary funds to operate in a fit manner.

COVID has created some tough moments for everyone involved. It caused a crisis across the nation. But the new funding delivered by Congress can help alleviate some of the disaster that has shaped such a vital moment in the world.

This COVID relief package of millions of dollars is here to help all schools on all levels get back to a point where they once were. With the amount having tripled from last year, schools will have the chance to move forward.

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The Collegian

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