The Council Announces Derby Week 2021 Will Take Place/by Emily-Kate Ford

The Council announced that Derby Week will be happening later in the spring semester.  Chip Wilson, along with Council presidents Emery Applegate and Bradley Lewis, worked hard to organize a potential Derby Week that would be COVID-19-friendly. 

The group worked closely to create an action plan full of guidelines on how they would keep everyone spread out and safe.  The plan was presented to the MC administration and approved.  

           Derby Week will take place from March 15-20, with Derby Day being held the final day.  The theme for Derby Week 2020 was Disney Plus, but it unfortunately was canceled due to the pandemic. The Council decided to bring the same theme back this year, calling it “Disney Plus: The Sequel.” 

“The Council’s activities chairs, Mackenzie Phillips and Matt Drew, have worked so hard to plan such a fun and safe week for our club and tribe members,” said Applegate.  “We have all types of events planned from service and trivia to fun competitions!” 

           Kissimee Social Tribe member Cami Phillips is excited for the things to come. 

“Derby Week is such an exciting week filled with fun games and events! Personally, I am very competitive, so Derby Week is a time for me to really bring out my competitive nature,” Phillips said.  “This week will be iconic in many ways, and I am ready for it to be here.” 

           The week is even building anticipation in those who have yet to experience it. When asked if he was looking forward to Derby Week, Kokoa new member Mason Fahy said, “Yes! I am looking forward to my first Derby Week and watching Kokoa have another successful run.”  

           The Council’s hope for this year’s Derby Week is to cultivate a sense of familiarity and comfort by getting to have one of the most favored traditions for the clubs and tribes.  “We want our actives’ college memories to be filled with fun memories of camaraderie and community with their organizations,” said Applegate. “Sure, things might look a little different for this year’s Derby Week, but it will be no less fun!”

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