Meet the New MC Dance Team/by Marquisha Mathis

Heads up! Mississippi College has a new dance team. MC offers a number of extracurricular activities for students to participate in. There’s sports, cheerleading, club and tribes, student organizations, and now a new addition: a dance team!

The team was created in late July to be an outlet for dancers who don’t have the opportunity to dance anymore. It will consist of dance forms such as jazz, hip hop, and pom performances with technically trained execution.

This is not just any dance team. It’s the “MC Dance Team.” It was not given a different name specifically because it is not a club or social group. This team wants to showcase something simple but awesome. It’s a team that truly enjoys being one.

MC is a Christian university that believes in the Lord and putting your faith first in all things that you do. So it’s only right that the team represents this through their dancing.

Co-captains Bailey Bradshaw and Rachel Graham stated that “Scripture says to praise the Lord with dancing and to work in everything that you do as though working for the Lord and not for men.”

Because of this, their mentality is to wake up every morning to train and rehearse, working hard to give their all. And while doing it, they give glory to God through hard work, dedication, and great joy in dancing.

Both Bradshaw and Graham auditioned a number of students this year with a great turnout. They selected a total of 12 girls for the team.

The team consists of 14 members, including Bradshaw and Graham, who train together, hang together, and are student-athletes under the athletic department. Students at MC can expect to see a collective passion for dance and performing from these girls.

Although the fall semester did not go as they planned because of COVID, Bailey, Graham, and the rest of the team are ready to hit the ground dancing. Some adjustments have been made, but they are definitely excited to finally be performing this semester.

They are currently performing at the MC basketball games and plan to perform at the football games when they’re able to. They also have a showcase coming up that they will attend in April. Also, if they happen to be asked to perform at any other event, they will be happy to do it.

The team may have just started, but there has been so much interest received from both current and incoming students. There is no doubt that this team is expected to grow in talent as the next year rolls around.

This is going to be a brand new scene for MC, the dance team, and other students who show an interest in being a part of this team. This dance team is ready to bring skills and excitement, and show it through their faith all around the campus.

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