New Pre-Law Society Comes to Campus/by Kienna Van Dellen

The Mississippi College School of Law is located in downtown Jackson in the heart of the legal community. It prides itself on superior education, support, and real-world experience. Something that MC has been missing, however, is support for pre-law students attending MC’s Clinton campus.

MC Instructor of Legal Analysis and Communication Professor David Parker saw this need and brought an idea up to MC student Ethan Coats, who became the founder of the new society. “We talked over Christmas break about starting a society for people who are interested in the legal field,” said Coats. “After a month of research and bringing in charter members, the Amicus Society was born.” The name is derived from the Latin term “amicus curiae,” which translates to “friend of the court.”

The Amicus Society is oriented towards assisting students who have the potential desire to attend law school. “The hope is to give them a chance to get tips for the LSAT, hear from practitioners of the law, build community with other interested students, and increase their knowledge about what it means to be a lawyer,” said Coats. 

This society is open to any student who is even slightly interested in the legal field. It was created as a support system for students who are looking at law school and offers advice and mentorship. “I hope to see students who are interested in the legal field grow and develop their skills and discover the path that’s best for them,” said Coats. 

The society plans to have meetings as soon as they become an official organization on campus. The new organization hopes to host events in the future and partner with different experts in order to expand the community’s grasp on what it means to be a lawyer. 

For more information about the Amicus Society, email Ethan Coats at

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