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In Defense of “The Star-Spangled Banner”/by Chance Easterling

It is remarkable the uproar that occurs when two worlds collide, which is precisely what happens when political agendas enter the arenas – or should I say courts and stadiums – of professional athletics.  Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team, announced recently that the national anthem would no longer be played before their games because

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Rough Start to Baseball Season Continues With Postponements/by Jace Aymond

After losing the end of last season due to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mississippi College baseball team is itching to get out on the field after 11 months of waiting. The season will consist of conference-only games with the Gulf South Tournament currently scheduled for May 7 in Oxford, Alabama. Last year, even with many games being

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Grace Morgan Gives Sneak Peek into the 2021 Arrowhead/by Morgan Miller

There is no denying that talent thrives in droves across every hill of MC’s campus. Its students are vibrant with their creativity, giving the university a shade of uniqueness that cannot be matched anywhere else. There is perhaps no greater display of that talent than The Arrowhead, MC’s own arts and literature magazine. It displays some of the best creative

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The Council Announces Derby Week 2021 Will Take Place/by Emily-Kate Ford

The Council announced that Derby Week will be happening later in the spring semester.  Chip Wilson, along with Council presidents Emery Applegate and Bradley Lewis, worked hard to organize a potential Derby Week that would be COVID-19-friendly.  The group worked closely to create an action plan full of guidelines on how they would keep everyone spread out and safe.  The

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“Soul”: A Dive into Human Emotions/by Meredith Stratmann

On Christmas Day, the movie “Soul”was released on Disney+ and immediately became beloved.After seeing it over the break, I recently sat down to rewatch it with my roommate. It was just as good the second time.“Soul”has a similar feel to “Inside Out,” which were both produced by Pixar and then released by Disney.  Focused on a New Yorker’s jazz dreams,

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