Dance Marathon is Back!/by Marquisha Mathis

The mission of Dance Marathon is simple: it’s to make an impact that’s all about the children.

Dance Marathon is an event put on by Mississippi College every year. It is celebrated in an effort to support the families at the Children’s of Mississippi Hospital in Jackson.

“I already have a heart for children and helping people in any way that I can,” said co-student director Camryn Johnson. 

This year, Dance Marathon consists of a committee of upperclassmen, with five sub-committees under the committee itself. The sub-committees are family relations, fundraising, public relations, small events, and event day.

Student directors Camryn Johnson and Carly Fisher have already been in the full swing of things hosting a number of events for the semester. On Feb. 11, a spirit night was held at Newk’s where 15% of the proceeds went to support the marathon. Then, on Feb. 12 an XOXO event was held where students could send a letter and a singing telegram to a friend or professor.

Lastly, on Feb. 23 and 25, two days of the “Jar in the Caf” event were held in the cafeteria. Students supported their club or tribe, and they cast their vote for which of their favorite restaurants they wanted here on campus. 

Although Dance Marathon looks a little different than the years prior, the goal is still the same, and that’s to see all of the miracle kids and their families having such a great time!

“The goal for Dance Marathon this year is to make sure that every person affiliated with MC such as faculty, staff, students, administration, alumni, and the law and PA schools know about it,” said Johnson.

Dance Marathon has always been a come-and-go event for students, but because of COVID-19, guidelines have to be put in place. However, students will still get the chance to dance and participate with other students, faculty, and staff from MC, along with the children and their families. 

The buy-in this year is so much different than in previous years. To help those on the committee reach their goals, so many students have begun doing small fundraisers, bake sales, wristband sales, and sticker sales. They even have come up with a fun challenge such as wearing a bald cap for a day.

To be heading Dance Marathon this semester means a lot to Johnson. “Two years ago when I was in the Freshman Leadership Initiative Program, it was the third year that MC hosted Dance Marathon. I enjoyed every bit of planning, fundraising, and dancing over that semester.”

Johnson is very excited to serve and oversee all of Dance Marathon’s festivities alongside Fisher, the Dance Marathon Committee, and the Freshman Leadership Initiative Program students.

This year’s Dance Marathon will be held on April 8, 2021. All of the funds raised will go directly to the Children’s of Mississippi Hospital. Every single dollar counts! #FORTHEKIDS
To donate you can email, Venmo mcdancemarathon, and follow them on Instagram @mcdancemarathon for more information!

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