Mysterious Pink Liquid Floods East Tower/by Emily-Kate Ford

During the winter storm week, sliding down icy hills was not the only thing MC students were doing; some were mopping flooded hallways. On the night of Tuesday, Feb. 16, residents of New Women’s East were surprised to find a strange pink liquid, later identified as non-hazardous coolant water, oozing down the hallway.  

The female residents, unsure as to what they were looking at, quickly began to take steps to stop the mess. Some pushed towels under their doorways to prevent the liquid from entering their rooms, while others grabbed dustpans and began to scoop the liquid into trash cans.  

Due to the severe winter weather, campus staff and workers could not travel to campus safely. Although that was the case, plenty of people stepped up to help clean the mess. According to the Dean of Students, Dr. Jonathan Ambrose, a few professional staff members were on campus, and many RAs also volunteered to help. These people, along with the students on the hallways, mopped and cleaned the entire mess up. 

The news of the strange liquid quickly spread across campus. Students began to make jokes as to what it could be. Some joked that a member of Kissimee Social Tribe was being held hostage and calling for help, while others said a unicorn exploded. All jokes aside, students were curious as to what the liquid actually was.

According to Ambrose, the liquid was pink water. The school uses a product named WT55 inside of the water chilling systems in the dormitories. The chilling systems help produce cool air, and the product helps prevent corrosion inside the systems. “What happened is that one of the coils on the third floor of East busted, causing the leakage,” Ambrose said.  “The liquid was basically pink water and was not harmful to students or the environment.” 

Ambrose was also sure to mention that he was thankful for the way the students approached the problem. Instead of viewing it with a negative mindset, the students gathered together to clean up the mess and even had fun while doing it. 

“After my floor was under control, I decided to see if they needed any help on the upper floors,” student Lorie Harless said. “It was really sad to see some of the girls having to carry some of their pink-soaked belongings out of their rooms. I quickly jumped in and helped scoop more liquid into trash cans and clean up the clutter it had made in the storage room.” 

Harless went on to say that even though it was quite messy, it was nice to see people come together. “Throughout this whole time, it was really neat to see everyone working together, the RAs taking control, and even the guy RAs coming to help,” she said.  “Even though it was a weird night for everyone, it was an encouraging picture of the community.”

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The Collegian

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