Mid-Semester Check-In/by Emily-Kate Ford

As midterms wrap up, we look back at what has been an interesting semester here at MC. From burning dryers and pink floods to a week of severe winter weather, the spring semester has been nothing short of surprising.  

With COVID-19 limitations and mandates being loosened, more activities have taken place across campus this semester compared to the fall. Clubs and tribes have hosted more events, campus ministry activities have increased, and the MC sports teams have been able to compete much more. Chapel has even been held in person. This semester has provided a sense of hope for many.

Just last week, the mandate instructing all on campus to wear masks while outside was lifted. Students, faculty, and staff were pleased with this decision. “I know there will still be the need for precaution in the coming weeks, but I believe it is a great step towards the normalcy that the entire student body has prayed for,” junior Dakota Murphree said.  

Though students are thankful for the decision regarding masks, many wish campus administration would have decided to give us a week-long Spring Break. “I understand the reasoning behind not allowing us to have an entire week off,” Michaela Cooper, a junior, said. “I just think an entire week would allow us time to catch up on assignments and much-needed rest.”  

While many students would agree with Cooper, most were still thankful for the Spring Break Day MC did have. On Tuesday, March 3, no classes were held, providing students with one day off. Some used this opportunity to catch up on work, while others took part in more fun activities such as shopping trips, family visits, beach trips, and relaxing time spent with friends.

As Spring Break has come and gone and midterms are coming to an end, professors are advising their students to continue to work hard and strive for their best. “Now that midterms are over, it’s time to buckle down and keep pushing forward,” communications professor Mignon Kucia stated. “Finals will be here before we know it.”   

Though we’re only halfway there, it won’t be long until we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep working hard, MC students.    

Published by

The Collegian

The Collegian is the official student newspaper of Mississippi College. Run by students for students, The Collegian strives to bring quality journalism and storytelling to its readers while also providing an outlet for students to express themselves. We hope our readers leave with a better sense of their community and the people in it.

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